It is relatively easy to form a heavy metal band. Most communities will have at least a small number of musicians who can play suitable instruments. However, creating a group that will stand the test of time is much harder. It often involves a lot of trial and error. Here are the first steps for creating a potentially great heavy metal group.

Decide the Band’s Philosophy

Every big band has a philosophy that drives their musical direction. It allows them to remain consistent for decades. Examples could be to become the loudest, most shocking or poetic metal band. It is also a good idea to come up with a long term goal based around the philosophy.

Come Up With a Unique Name

The name of the group is significant. It needs to be both unique and memorable. If the band has too long or generic a name, it can seriously affect their brand. The name needs to reflect both the sound and the aesthetic.

Find the Band Members

This is the most crucial step; getting the band members together. It can be challenging to find people who not only sound good together but can also socialise. It should be remembered that they will spend a lot of time together, travelling and playing. They will, therefore, have to get on with each other.

Book Gigs

Once the band has come up with some material, it is time to play live. This is important for gaining exposure and selling albums. Some groups prefer to not play live and only release recorded material. The problem with this is that live performances are much more lucrative.

Refine the Sound

If the band keeps coming up with the same stuff they will end up becoming stale. The best heavy metal bands will continuously be refining their sound and experimenting with new ones.