Thanks to modern technology, practically anyone can create and release their own heavy metal album. However, making a successful one is far more complicated. There are a few things that need to go into it. If done right, the album could potentially be award-winning.

A Distinctive Sound

While each different band of the genre conforms to certain music conventions, it is essential to establish a unique sound. One of the best things about heavy metal is how versatile it is. Over the years, many sub-genres have emerged. It should be reasonably easy to create songs that sound like no other artist.

Meaningful Lyrics

Fans of heavy metal will recognise the importance of good lyrics. They can tell epic tales, make political statements or express raw emotions. Listeners will often read the words and judge the quality of the song on them. Therefore the best heavy metal artists will not only be excellent musicians but poets as well.


Once all of the songs have been completed, it is time to choose the best ones to release as singles. They will give listeners a taste of what the album is all about. Picking the most ideal single is essential for marketing the entire album.

An Eye-Catching Album Cover

The visual nature of the album is just as essential as the sound. The most iconic heavy metal albums have eye-catching and memorable covers. The artwork needs to convey the identity of the band.

Music Videos

In recent decades it has become common for heavy metal bands to market their albums with music videos. It gives audiences the chance to see what the group looks like. Music videos can increase sales of not just the album but also live performances. It is vital to find a decent director who can create professional-looking videos.