Heavy metal has only been around since the late 1960s but has changed the landscape of modern music. Despite being a relatively new genre, heavy metal has taken the world by storm. This site is focused on the genre, including heavy metal bands, albums and awards.

Why Heavy Metal?

The theme of heavy metal was chosen because it is such a popular genre. People all over the world enjoy it. There has even been a recent study which linked heavy metal to feelings of serenity. Heavy metal transcends cultural and language boundaries. This has lead to its universal appeal. Since so many people listen to it, there will be a broad readership for this site. Fans of metal are sure to get a lot out of the content.

Who is the Site Aimed At?

Even though the site is primarily aimed at fans of heavy metal, the content will appeal to everyone. Readers do not need to know anything about the genre. In fact, the site may end up educating them about it. The articles have been written as simply as possible to increase their appeal.

How Can the Content be Read?

Different sections of the topic have been separated into their own articles. This will mean readers can pick the ones that appeal most to them. Examples include “Creating a Heavy Metal Album”, “Award-Winning Bands” and “Heavy Metal Casino Themes”. Alternatively, readers could go through every single article. Doing so will allow them to absorb all of the content.